Dear friends and customers and fellow readers,


If you may not know, Aditi is a nick name for the testing grid provided by Lindenlabs for the residents to beta test products and items. The marketplace is also available there for testing purposes. Residents can visit that grid and buy items to "beta test" them but they cannot move them to the main grid. That is a great feature secondlife have implement but there is one major problem, The money are not real. While this is not an issue if you purcharce items for inworld usage(as the items cannot move to the main grid), becomes a hudge problem if the items you buy from marketplace is external services.


Many companies in Second life are depend on the validy of the payments within the servers and register services on a specific server side script events. Many developers including myself design the systems keeping in mind a workflow (as example an item will be delivered to a resident if and only if he pay for the item) so the services assume previous steps have done already. Breaking that workflow resulting in bugs and problems as the services trying to contact servers where the previous steps are never been made.  


We believe that LLABS will come up with a great solution to this as they always do but untill then we will restrict the access from aditi grid.


Best Regards,

Jacks Sparrow.