Sparrow Hybrid Streams


What is it?

Normaly when a DJ wants to broadcast music, he/she needs to connect to a server and start broadcasting the music content. Each listener connects to the same server and starts receiving the music content the broadcaster(DJ) is currently sending. A relay server is another server that connects to the broadcasting server just like a normal listener and start relay the music content. So the end listener can be connected either on the main broadcasting server or any of the relay servers and listen the exact same music.


Why to do that?

There are several reasons to use relay servers. One main reason is when you need to have 1 main server for broadcasting and several others for backup purposes(normaly the main one server is running localy in that case). Another reason is when you want to have different servers world wide(1 US server and 1 EU server so the US listeners gets connected to the US one and European listeners to the EU one).


Do i need to pay more?



How can i setup my relay server?

  1. You need to  log to our website, You can do that by clicking here.
  2. Find the stream you want to use as relay server and click the settings button.
  3. Scroll down to the section Relay Server Settings
  4. Type the server's IP that you want to relay on the Relay Server IP(you can use either IP address as ###.###.###.### or the domain name without the http://)
  5. Type the server's Port
  6. Done.