What is it?

Sparrow Direct Stream's Name technology allow you to set your favorite name under your stream. Before this feature all the sparrow streams ware coming attached to the physical's server name ie dj.sparrowindustries.net. Now your stream can have an DS Name which can remain the same even when the physical server has changed. This option not only gives you a great looking over your stream, but also is helping and minimize the need of changing the settings over secondlife or local software broadcasting when the physical server has been changed. 


Do i need to change my old settings?

No, you don't have to change your old settings if you dont want to. All the sparrow streams can work both ways but we stronly recommend to start using the new urls insteed of the olds one as this is the first step of a series of updates for more stability over your streaming services.


How can i change it?

  1. click here to open your server's page list.
  2. on right hand on each servers there are 2 buttons(View, Settings) you click settings on the stream you want to change the name
  3. On the DS Name field, type the desired streams name.