Arcadian Defensive System

By Sparrow Industries


Prims – 49

ChatListener – YES☑ 

E-mail Notifications - YES☑ 

Size changing – NO☒

Invisible mode – YES☑ (with last updates)

External HUD plug in – YES☑ 

Multi HUD connectors – YES☑ 

Colour changing – NO☒

BotWars –NO☒

AltScanner – NO☒


We are presenting the second edition of Hunter Killer, with Arcadian Engine - shortly called ArcHunter.  Customers loved Huner Killer and his shape. They asked for this and they have it now!!! In Sparrow Industries we always try to please our customers. 

He is the second model with Arcadian Engine. He will protect your home, club or whole sim. For him everything is possible. He will protect everything that you want to be guarded 24 hours per day, 7 days in week even if you are offline, and you can control it from everywhere. Yes, that is right; there is no need to be near ArcHunter. Everything that you need for max security is in hud. 

For full control you can put bot in HOVER and DEFENSE mode. Hover mode means that bot will just looking people and he will attack only people from attack list. DEFENSE mode means that bot will let only people from your allow list to enter in protected area. Those two modes you can mix with POSITION and PATROL. Position means that bot will stay right where you put him, and after attack of someone who unpurposes come to your place he will go back on first position and patrol means that bot will patrol whole over protected area. Also important thing is that you need to choose what you want to protect small room or building or whole sim. Because one ArcHunter can protect 1/4 of sim,  you need to rezz 4 of them to cover sim and you will be able to control them separately. But list in your hud will be same for each bot. List is placed in your HUD (content tab) and there you will find “Allow list” where you will add your friends and “Attack list” for your enemies. Also in list you have position URL, where you need to put locations and with that you can send bot to check location whenever you need it. Also he can stay on one place, but if he is in patrol mode and you click stay he will stay where he was at the time you clicked STAY. Call him to come to you wherever you are, or make him to follow you. This little guy can be invisible and if you put him in phantom mode he will goes through everything, and he can protect himself, with attackers he will instantly attack anyone who attacks him no matter who it is. You can see who is 96 meters around ArcHunter with RADAR, only you need to activate it. Also you can get NOTIFICATION who comes or goes from protected area and with CHAT LISTENER what they spoke while they were there. If you are offline you will recieve them in your E-mail.

AVATARS will give you a wide choice of options you can do to avatars within the radar range of ArcHunter. For example you can send someone to ORBIT over 1 million meters high, or SHOOT with two Main Guns (using no bullet guns with 100% accurate shoots), or BAN (you are able to control ban-time) or just EJECT him and your place is safe again. Also you have WARN TIME, this is the time the intruder(s) have from receiving the warning which they receive as soon as they come on your land to when ArcHunter will attack and remove them off your land. This can be set from anything between 15 and 1 second. Good option is that you can talk to other avatars with ArcHunter who are within a 20m radius of ArcHunter by typing into general chat /10 your message here. Everyone will then within 20m be able to see that message.

Before we finish, you need to know that ArcHunter has ability to change name in hud. Simply click Name then you have 60 seconds to type in open chat the name you wish to use. Now your ArcHunter is called the name given and will have that name on the menu.


New updates brought us new features in ArcHunter. Now it has plug in for External HUD with wich you can control your ArcHunter from Windows without loging to sl. For this option you need to buy E-HUD licence and download free application from 


New feature is also a Multi HUD connector – this feature allows your partners or friends to control your Arcadian with their own SecondOwner Arcadian HUD or HUD of any Sparrow bot with Arcadian Engine…


Simple,easy and most of all PROTECTION WITH STYLE !!!!

Proudly presented 

By Sparrow Industries - The Complete Solution For Land Security in SecondLife