Arcadian Defensive System By Sparrow Industries

Prims – 41

ChatListener – YES☑ 

E-mail Notifications - YES☑ 

Size changing – YES☑ 

Invisible mode – YES☑ 

External HUD plug in – YES☑ 

Multi HUD connectors – YES☑ 

Colour changing – NO☒

BotWars –NO☒

AltScanner – NO☒

Thank you for stopping by to check security system from "Sparrow Industries". LAND KEEPER is the brother of Guardian Knight , but with recreated code. We can say it is the Guardian Knight v 3.0 but we decided to keep both models cause they work so diferent and can handle diferent situations as well. Like every Arcadian, the LAND KEEPER can be controlled only by Menu Driven System from ANYWHERE. Yeap, you read correct, doesnt need to be near to be controlled. You have one guardian in your home and someone enters while you are away ???  No problem, just click orbit and done, hehehe :)

LAND KEEPER is great for Home, Club, Mall, Server Room and everything you want to be guarded and secured for unauthorized persons, because  ALL the scripts inside the Arcadian Engine are original, and he is not some copy pasted multi scripted object. He  is really created for specific targets and jobs. He have 2 modes HOVER (In Hover mode Land Keeper will do upsolutely nothing and keep looking the nearby avatars. He will only attack the ppl who is inside the Attack List) and DEFENSE (In Defense mode he will attack everyone who is inside your land or the area you specified to protect) and if you combinate it with Area Patrol or Land Patrol protection will be better.  Also, you need to know that is inside of HUD you have list where you can add you friends “Allow list” or your enemies  “Attack list”. 

Yes, you can rezz bots as much as you need. Of course, there is a limit (12), but one bot control ¼ of sim. For whole sim you will need to rezz 4 of them. Also, from every bot with NOTIFICATION you will get information of arrival and departure and with CHAT LISTENER you will know what people saying.  If you are offline all these informations you will recieve in your E-mail. 

You can set it up to follow you or your target person. Or just to call him to come to you no metter where are you. But, yes he is created to bypass several SL issues, but not all so dont be disapointed, he have much more quality. He is working day and night, non stop, fully auto, and even if you are offline, you will get information on your mail. And yes, with RADAR you can watch who is in 96 meter range of your Land Keeper.

Control the actions of the Land Keeper. If someone enter on protected area you are able to shoot him (he have 2 main guns wich is using no bullet guns with 100% accurate shoots), to send him orbit over 1 million high, ban him (with ability to control ban time / for how long you want to keep the Banned avatars in Land's Ban List), eject someone or approach. 

Important thing to know is that you need to deed it to the land, to be able to add people in the ban list. Land Keeper is COPY and TRANS. The Hud is NO COPY, NO TRANS, NO MOD.

New updates brought us new features in Land Keeper. Now it has plug in for External HUD with wich you can control your Land Keeper from Windows without loging to sl. For this option you need to buy E-HUD licence and download free application from

New feature is also a Multi HUD connector – this feature allows your partners or friends to control your Land Keeper with their own SecondOwner Arcadian HUD or HUD of any Sparrow bot with Arcadian Engine…

Simple,easy and most of all PROTECTION WITH STYLE !!!!

Proudly presented 

By Sparrow Industries - The Complete Solution For Land Security in SecondLife