Arcnet Cerberus

Prims – 30

Web Interface – YES☑ 

Account Managers - YES☑ 

Custom Lists – YES☑ 

Custom Warnings – YES☑ 

Sim Radar – YES☑ 

Driveable – YES☑ 

Weapons – YES☑ 

Colour Changing – YES☑ 

BotWars – NO ☒

Invisible – NO☒

Resizeable – NO☒

Access from Mobile Phone - YES☑

Cerberus equipped with Arcnet engine witch gives you maximum flexibility, interactivity and security. Is fully controllable via web based windowed AJAX environment, where all changes and information’s are live feeds directly from in world.

You can use this device to protect or monitor your home, mall, shop or any type of commercial/residential land you own. Is designed to provide maximum security functionalities over single person, group owned parcels or if you are estate manager entire regions.

With 4 internal databases you will have no problem to store as many names as you want. Internal databases are hybrid which means the available space is shared between allow or attack lists. From website you are able to have as many lists as you like, divided into several groups like friends, family, co-workers for easy and fast management. Unlike previous Arcadian engine securities, Arcnets processing all targets in parallel mode.   Arcnet’s supports Eject, Ban, TPHome, Region Ban (Timed!) and Attack, where you can select witch option fits to your needs. 


Before you start.

You will need to visit the main store to acquire your login password by clicking one of the sparrow terminals. We strongly recommend changing the password after the first login to Also DO NOT use same password as your second life’s account. 


Getting Started.

You can control your system from . Be sure to add to your browser’s favorites. From there you can login using your SL username and the password. 

After you login you normally must see an empty website, no don’t be scared is normal. All you have now is to rez your product in world and then from website, click on your top left side where it says “Default Account”. 


Website and Windows

Arcnet’s backend is completely simulating windowed environment. You will not have to refresh, redirect or navigate from page to page but instead you are able to open multiple windows at the same time, resize them and reposition according to your needs. You can move a window by click-hold left button and drag it to any position on your screen. You can also resize it by the small rectangle under done button. 


Understanding how lists works 

On your top left you will see a button called Lists, you click that and a new window containing your lists will open.  When you click to add new list you type the name on the dialog box and then you wait till the new created list appears in window. Because of structure of the windowed environment we use similar techniques like second life’s assets, so if the list doesn’t appears instantly just wait a few moments till the server sends you the correct asset. You can create as many lists as you like, are easy small and simple. When you click the list you have create a new window will open, there you are able to add avatars names. Be sure you enter avatars username and NOT display name. Reason why we choose to add avatars in that way is because display names can be changed at any time. Agent names are case sensitive so be careful. The name entering on the lists is YUSIWYG, so the final result if is correct or wrong is entirely on your hands.


Understanding how modes works

Arcnet’s engine comes again with 2 main modes, Hover and Defense. The idea is simple and quite effective from our past experiences. In hover mode all the visitors will allowed to enter the protected parcel except those in attack lists. In Defense mode none will allowed to enter except the persons in the allow lists. 


Options  - Options – Options

General Options

Name: The name of the device.


Mode: The mode witch arcnet’s engine runs.


Radar Options


Range: The maximum radar range. Can be set from 1 to 4096. When the system works without satellites, the detection range goes up to 192m in diameter. Large scale detections only will succeed with correct setup of the satellites.


Parcel: This option controls the radar to ignore targets that are located on parcels with different ID than the current arcnet’s is hovering at.  Very useful for single home land parcels where you want to restrict the detection to your own home only. If the max radar setting is less than the borders length, then limitation applies from radar range. 


List Options

Allow SL Group: When this function is enabled and the system runs under Defense mode, visitors wearing same group as arcnet’s will be allowed to enter. After initial detection visitors can change the group title without problem. If visitors leave the protection space and they try to re-enter again, they must wear again the group title. If the system runs under hover mode, this option has no effect.


Allow Lists: Here you can assign the lists that you want to be handled allow lists. Those lists are necessary when your arcnet’s is running under defense mode.  In hover mode those options have no effect.


Attack Lists: Here you can assign the lists that you want to be handled attack lists. Those lists are necessary when your arcnet’s is running under hover mode and you want to restrict some residents.  In defense mode those options have no effect.


Action Options

Warning Message: This message will be send every time a target is queued for actions. The is the first step of the agent removal procedure. You can modify this message to fit with your needs and prepare the visitor for his upcoming fate. The word [VISITOR] will be replaced with the actual visitor name. 


Warning Time: This is the time the system will wait before continue with actions. You can set the time in seconds.  Setting this option to 0 will cause the system to proceed immediately to next step.


Ban Length: Here you can set the length of time in seconds you want to add and keep each target into lands or region ban lists. Because of SL limitation when the final action is set to Parcel Ban, the total length of the ban will be the floor rounding of the division value/3600. When this option is set for region ban, the timed event will count in seconds. 

Final Action: 4 options are available for final action. Eject will just eject the avatars from your parcel, that means they will probably end up to the next parcel a few feet’s away from you. Teleport Home will send the agent back to his home. Take under consideration that if your visitors can set home to your place, the intruder might set home to your place and cause that option un-effective. Ban agent from Parcel is the most common and recommended option. In case of group owned lands, you will need to deed the object in the same group. In case the land is owned by you then no deeding is required. Ban Agent from Region will add the agent to region ban list. To be able this function work, the owner of the object must be estate manager or estate owner of the region the system is located. If the owner lacks those 2 options, this function will silently fail. 


Attack Options

Attack is: If you set this setting to enable, then each avatar will be attacked for an amount of time you specify later after the warning length expired and before the final Action occurs. That means if you set the warning time on 10 seconds, the attack time on 4 seconds the final action will take place 10 + 4 = 14 seconds after the first detection. 


Attack Time: Here is the value where you set the total length of the attack. Please avoid large numbers and use this option wise. Recommended values are between 3-5 when you using it without drones and 20-30 when you include drones. In case of both we recommend 20 - 30 seconds. 


Primary Weapons: When you enable this option and if the target is less than 30 meters , Arcnet will shoot.


Secondary Weapons: Not yet implemented.


Number of Drones: This option is the number of drones will be send on each target. Avoid using large numbers because will cause lag on your region. Recommended values are 2 to 4. There is no limitation of the amount of drones that will be send to the target. 

When you click done, the system always save the changed settings and ask you if you wish to update the in world system as well. Click OK if you are sure you are satisfied with the final changes.



Attack Time: Here is the value where you set the total length of the attack. Please avoid large numbers and use this option wise. Recommended values are between 3-5 when you using it without drones and 20-30 when you include drones. In case of both we recommend 20 - 30 seconds.