Arcadian Defensive SystemWARS - „T.F.O.“


Prims – 8

2 Way Communication– YES☑ 

E-mail Notifications - YES☑ 

Size changing – YES☑ 

Invisible mode – YES☑ 

External HUD plug in – YES☑ 

Multi HUD connectors – YES☑ 

Colour changing – YES☑ 

BotWars – YES☑ 

AltScanner – NO☒

T.F.O. comes with new cute shape and skin and just 8 prims ;-) and also with possibility to protect everything that you want protect from unauthorized persons. He is using Menu Driven System within you are able to control your bot from everywhere. Don’t let that his number of primes make you think that he is not powerful. You can resize him – to make him bigger or smaller, also you can change his color or to make him invisible. Like every botwar he has MULTI HUD connector, so you can connect your HUD with your friends HUD (possible to connect with 7, 8 and more HUDs) and control bots of each other separate, but TFO have much more. He has E- HUD plug-in - So you can control him from your Windows, without login to SL!! So you will have protection 24 hours 7 days in week with or without login to SL.

Purchase T.F.O., load missiles with different power, and have fun with trying to bit friend’s bot. 

Oh, yes, one thing you need to know - ALL scripts are created inside the "T.F.O." for specific targets and job, so it is not some copy-paste-multi-scripted object.

If you want anyone to come on your protected aria then set up „HOVER” mode – means that bot will attack only your enemies from „Attack list“, but if you want only few people there put bot in „DEFENSE” mode, but don’t forget you must to add them in „Allow list“– so only they will be able to come in protected area. „Attack list” and „Allow list” are located inside your HUD, and there you can add the names of your friends and your enemies inside. Also there you have “Position URL” where you can add locations to set up „GO TO“ function, and „Owner list“ where you can add other persons to operate and control T.F.O., but you need to know that they will have limited abilities. And after you made changes in those lists you need always to click on save before you close it, otherwise changes will not be made. 

“HOVER” and “DEFENSE” mode you can mix with „POSITION” and „PATROL“. With position bot will have „return point“and that means if unauthorized person enters in protected area T.F.O. will attack him and then immediately return to position that you set up, or with “PATROL” put bot to fly above protected area, and don’t forget to set from where to where bot will fly specific or whole area (“Area patrol” or “Land patrol”). While he is flying or he is in “position” set his size - make him big or small. 

With “RADAR” you will be able to see who is in 96 meters range of your bot, also with NOTIFICATION you will get information of arrival and Departure and with CHAT LISTENER you will know what people are saying, and even if you are offline you will get that on your mail.

T.F.O. can follow you or your target person with intelligent pathway; also he can follow you when you move to other Sims; or if you click on “Come” he will try to come to you wherever you are. He is designed to bypass several SL issues, but not all.


Control the actions of the T.F.O. (unsit, shoot – using no bullet guns with 100% accurate shoots, missile, stay, orbit, ban, follow, eject, approach). Also you can control ban time – for how long you want to keep the Banned avatars in Land's Ban List (for group owned lands, the T.F.O. must be deeded).  If you don’t want to ban persons -you can orbit them over 1 million meters high;

 E- HUD plug in allows you to control your T.F.O. from your Windows when you are off from sl (if you have E-HUD licence).


T.F.O. is COPY and TRANSFER (because of ability to deed him to the land and to be able to add persons in the ban list). The Hud is NO COPY, NO TRANSFER, NO MODIFY;

IMPORTANT: For max security over group owned land, the T.F.O. must be deeded to the group. If is not, he will not be able to use several commands like unsit and ban.

With “T.F.O.” you will have fun and protection, save prims, control without loging to sl :) Come and try!!!

Simple, easy and most of all PROTECTION WITH STYLE !!!!

Proudly presented 

By Sparrow Industries - The Complete Solution For Land Security in SecondLife