What is it?
Sparrow Streams Marketplace is a directory listing of all available rental boxes from all Sparrow reseller’s grid wide in Second life. By default the system will provide the most popular results but you can change the desired settings to match your needs. This service's intention is to help you find the desired stream with a few easy clicks.

How does it work?
First you will need to find your desired rental box. You select from the lower section the desired settings and let the system provide the available rental boxes. When you identify the settings you want to check, you can click on the "Teleport" button located on the lower right position of each rental box. Once you do that a new page will open leading you to the destination via http://maps.secondlife.com/.

How the results get sorted?
There are 3 options on the lower section of the page (Kpbs, Khz and Listeners). When any or all of them is set to "All", the system will sort the results based on the popularity. The popularity is been collected thru the choices of our current stream users.

How the resellers get sorted?
The position of each reseller is determined by 2 major factors

  1. the votes
  2. the oldest rental box that contains the stream


How do i vote?
To be able to vote, you must own a sparrow stream. Once you do that, you will be able to login to our user area section and click the first colored image. There you will see all your current active streams and next to them there is a vote selection. You can vote from (-5 to +5) by clicking the corresponding button. Your vote will remain active and will be included in the main calculations as long as you keep own the stream. Once your stream expires, the value will be removed. The vote goes per stream, which means if you own 3 streams, you are able to assign 3 votes (1 per stream)

Why the oldest rental box?
Oldest rental boxes means stability. It is important for dj's to know the exact location of their rental boxes.

So if I move my shop to another location, am I losing my position?
That is not necessarily correct. As it is described above, the oldest rental box has secondary priority. If one or more resellers have the exact same amount of votes as you then probably your position will dropped, but in any other case your position will remain.

What’s the meaning of the stars next to reseller's name?
One star is equal to 15 vote points. If resellers have vote points, then a star per 15 points will appear next to his name.


click here to visit the marketplace.